Canon 7-63 mm T2.6

Sachtler Video 18 III (100mm)

Carbon Fiber Legs

Load Capacity: 4-40 lbs

Replacement Cost: $6,000
Cost: $75/day

Sachtler Tripod Rental Video 18-1
Sachtler Tripod Rental Video 18_3
Sachtler Tripod Rental Video 18_4

Sachtler System ACE XL Carbon fibre *FLOWTECH*

Carbon fiber Sticks
Load Capacity: 4.4-17.6 lbs
Weight: 11.66 lb

Cost: $40.00/day
Replacement Cost: $1,800.00

Sachtler flow tripod rental
Sachtler flow tripod rental-1

Sachtler FSB 8 T with Speed Lock 75 Tripod

FSB-8 Fluid Head
Speed Lock 75 Tripod
Mid-Level Spreader

Load Capacity: 20 lb

Cost: $50.00/day
Replacement Cost: $3,000.00

SB-8 in the middle