ARRI SR3 Advanced Super 16 Camera Package

Arri Sr-3 (Advanced) Super 16 Camera Package (PL Mount) with ARRI Video Tap

• 1 x Video Tap (Arri IVS - Integrated Video System)
• 4 x Batteries
• 1 x  Intelligent Dual Battery Charger
• 3 x 400ft Magazines
• 1 x Changing Bag

Replacement cost: $20,000.00
Cost: $500/day


• Sachtler Tripod Video 18 III

• Zeiss MK2 Superspeeds (9.5, 12, 16, 32, 50)

• Canon 7-63mm (T 2.6)

• Zip Follow Focus 15mm (Wooden Camera)

• 7” Lilliput Monitor (BNC)

• Atom Misfit Matte Box (ultra lightweight mattebox)

• 4x4 ND filters .(3, .6, .9, 1.2, POL)

• Sekonic 785 Cine Light Meter

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Zeiss Super Speed MKIIs
Super 16

Zeiss Super Speed MKIIs -Super 16mm.
Set includes:

• 9.5mm T1.3 (S/N 7378039)
• 12 mm T1.3 (S/N 7149595)
• 16mm T1.3 (S/N 7317982)
• 25mm T1.3 (S/N 7280708)
• 50mm T1.3 (S/N 7149124)

PL Front Diameter: 80mm
Replacement Cost: $20,000
Cost: $200/day

Canon 7-63 mm T 2.6
Super 16

This is the successor to the infamous HURT LOCKER lens (8-64mm). The Canon 7-63 is legendary and only improves upon the previous iteration with a slightly wider field of view and much better ergonomics.Very sharp, incredible close-focus, and virtually no focus breathing. A custom gear ring has been added to the zoom ring, which makes it very easy to zoom while operating.

Pairs nicely with our Super 16 Arri SR3 Advanced --or-- cameras that offer a 16mm or 2K Center-Crop mode. Most of Sony's high-end Super 35 cameras, Arri, Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, and RED.

Focal Length: 7-63mm
Maximum Aperture: 2.6
Front Diameter: 95mm
Close focus: 22"
Weight: 4.3 lbs
PL Mount

Rental Includes:
• Lens (S/N) 10084
• Silver ATA lens case
• Front and Rear Caps
• 2 stage matte box, custom made for this lens by Panavision*** 2 stage 4x4 filters

Replacement cost: $6500.00
Cost: $125/day