Bolex Rex-5 Super 16 Camera Package

Bolex Rex-5 Super 16 (C-mount) Package
FPS: 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 48 and 64

This particular camera has a one-stop brightening mod performed on the ground glass. The viewfinder is very bright. All lenses have step ups, ND filters (Included).

Pick any three lenses:
Switar 10mm T1.6
Switar 16mm T1.4 (threads do not hold ND filter)
Switar 25mm T1.4
Switar 50mm T1.4
Switar 75mm T1.9Accessories included:ND Filters .3, .6, .9, Polarizer

Included accessories:
2X Gel Filter holders
On/off handgrip
Rewind crank

Replacement value: $10,000.00
Cost $250/day


Crystal Motor - Tobin Cinema Systems TXM-20Ba

The Bolex hand wind, while super handy, is limited to just thirty seconds of run time. That can limit your creativity. For longer runs, you'll need a motor. The Tobin Crystal Sync motor allows for uninterrupted takes. This is a must for music videos and or sync sound.FPS Speeds 12, 15, 24, 30, 48.

From the manual: This motor will only fit H16 and H8 cameras that have the added 1:1 drive shaft, beginning with S/N about 210,601 of 1965 and up, including the models Rex-4, Rex-5, SB, SBM, M4, M5, and S4.

Cost: $50/day


Kern-Paillard Switar (RX) C-Mount Primes

Set of vintage Kern-Paillard Switar C-Mount primes. These are perfect for an Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex cameras, BMPC, or any micro 4/3 cameras with an adapter. All manual iris. Great vintage look.

Primes included:
Switar 10mm H16 RX (T1.6)
Switar 16mm H16 RX (T1.8)
Switar 25mm H16 RX (T1.5)
Switar 50mm H16 RX (T1.4) MACRO
Switar 75mm AR (T1.9) Cost: $150/day

ND filters included: ( .3), ( .6), ( .9) and Polarizer