Canon 1014 XL-S Super 8mm Camera

Canon 1014 XL-S Super 8mm

Pristine Canon 1014 XL-s

The Gold Standard when it comes to Super 8.

6.5-65mm As 8mm movie cameras became increasingly computerized, this model became the world’s first 8mm movie camera to use a one-chip CPU. The CPU allowed electronic sequence control of the camera. The lens, a newly developed zoom lens with a wider-angle orientation, achieved both high performance and compactness.

The world’s first superimposed viewfinder display showed superimposed information in the viewfinder only when necessary. Multiple functions and safety mechanisms, such as automatic lap dissolve or interval shooting, were applied to satisfy the needs of advanced amateurs. SPC (Silicon Photo Cell) was used for the photocell and it, together with a five-blade iris diaphragm, produced highly precise images with beautiful bokeh (pleasing out-of-focus highlights).

This model could be called “the pinnacle of Canon 8mm movie cameras.” The design stressed the mechanical, with an all-metal folding-type grip. It was very well accepted as a high-end 8mm movie camera.

Replacement value: $1,500.00

Cost $150/day