Bolex Rex-5 Super 16 Camera Package


This is not your ordinary Bolex, this camera is pimped out with a few custom upgrades that make this camera very special. This camera is Super 16 converted, with an upgraded viewfinder with a special one-stop brightening mod performed on the ground glass. This Bolex is easy to see through.

If you're looking to shoot Super 16 on a budget, and just want to work in some magic, look no further. This kit has it all and is meticulously maintained. All lenses have step ups, ND filters (Included). Nothing comes close to the style of the Bolex image.

Switar 10mm T1.6
Switar 16mm T1.4 (threads do not hold ND filter)
Switar 25mm T1.4
Switar 50mm T1.4
Switar 75mm T1.9

Accessories included:

ND Filters .3, .6, .9, Polarizer
2X Gel Filter holders
On/off handgrip
Rewind crank

Replacement value: $10,000.00

Cost $250/day

BOLEX - Crystal Motor - Tobin Cinema Systems TXM-20Ba

The Bolex hand wind, while super handy, is limited to just thirty seconds of run time. That can limit your creativity. For longer runs, you'll need a motor. The Tobin Crystal Sync motor allows for uninterrupted takes. This is a must for music videos and or sync sound.

FPS Speeds 12, 15, 24, 30, 48.

From the manual: This motor will only fit H16 and H8 cameras that have the added 1:1 drive shaft, beginning with S/N about 210,601 of 1965 and up, including the models Rex-4, Rex-5, SB, SBM, M4, M5, and S4.

Cost: $50/day

Kern-Paillard Switar (RX) C-Mount Primes

Get that vintage look! Set of vintage Kern-Paillard Switar C-Mount primes. These are perfect for an Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex cameras, BMPC, or any micro 4/3 cameras with an adapter. All manual iris, great vintage look.

Primes included: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm, and 75mm. The 50mm is a macro. The set comes with ND filters: ( .3), ( .6), ( .9) and Polarizer

Includes FIVE C-mount Prime Lenses:

Switar 10mm H16 RX (T1.6) (Serial #1120139)
Switar 16mm H16 RX (T1.8) (Serial #554380)
Switar 25mm H16 RX (T1.5) (Serial #445878)
Switar 50mm H16 RX (T1.4) (Serial #992719) MACRO
Switar 75mm AR (T1.9) (Serial #733438)


Cost: $150/day